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The Building

“The most learned work of commercial architecture in Hopkinsville”

Kentucky Heritage Commission

This incredible structure was constructed in 1903 as the headquarters of the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company. Stonemason Lucien H. Davis is credited with crafting the foundation and facade which is one of the only examples of Flemish Revival architecture in the region.

The stepped gable front is a key feature of the Flemish Revival style. Baroque elements such as spiral scrolls, a cherub head, a shell, finials, and mythological fish make the building a one-of-kind structure.

The half-basement is accessible via the step-down front entrance. Stone walls, concrete floors, and updated windows create a space suitable for retail or intimate dining. The building has a variance allowing a wine bar including sidewalk and alley seating. The basement has a half-bath and rear access to the alley.

The first story is accessed via stairs in the front and back and includes a separate room at the front, an immense open area with 14′ ceilings, and the original men’s and women’s restrooms converted to a half-bath and closet space. A laundry, bath, and kitchen are at the rear of the first level.

The second story is accessed via a front stair with a side fire exit. It is similarly divided with a front room along with the glassed work area dating to the early days of the building featuring wide transoms. Laundry, bath, and kitchen are at the rear of the level.

Re-engineered attic joists create additional usable space and easier access to the roof. This area is accessed via a unique alternating-tread stairway from the second story. Both the second story and attic are serviced by a fabric HVAC ductwork system.

CVB Downtown Stroll, Sip, & Shop July 1, 2021
CVB Downtown Stroll, Sip, & Shop July 1, 2021